• passivehaus_nto_v01_10_star_final

    Winner Melbourne Design Awards 2012 !
    Winner of the BDAV “10 Star Challenge” 2012!

    No more energy bills – how would you like that? … This contemporary family home is designed to be energy positive, i.e. over the course of a year it generates more energy than it would use. Building an energy positive house means you can start …

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  • Birkenstock_HQ_by_MDS_Melbourne17

    BDAV Building Design of the Year 2014 !
    Winner Australian bpn Sustainability Awards !
    Winner Melbourne Design Awards and more…

    Cool contemporary design with a warm feel and an holistic approach to sustainability are the main ingredients to the Birkenstock Australia headquarters. The award-winning design succinctly translates the brand’s core values into joyful spatial experiences…

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  • 01_Urban_residences_overview_view12_Final_hires

    Winner of the bdav 10 Star Challenge 2013 in the Multi-Residential Category!

    Six Urban Residences play with the boundaries between indoor and outdoors. Making best use of an originally vacant block with an associated derelict Victorian house at the front, the ‘La Mode’ development creates a beautiful, site-specific and efficient response to a …

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  • beach_house_sorrento_v01_sorrento_final

    Finalist in the Melbourne Design Awards 2012!

    Blurring the boundaries between traditional building elements, it’s hard to tell what’s wall and what’s roof on this ‘Skin & Shelter’ project: With a simple gesture – like forming a protective shape with your hand – the folded skin protects from being overlooked by neighbours while enjoying amazing views…

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  • House_extension_northcote_by_MDS_05

    Freshly Finished !

    A sustainable, inner-urban house extension, connecting the period dwelling at the front with the garden at the back. A contemporary intervention and a resurrection of the heritage dwelling at the same time. The new living spaces as a mediator in-between : The result is a funky yet subtle little extension …

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  • Toxic_Free_Extension_by_MDS

    A healthy environment, and a healthy home.

    Who wouldn’t want that? Yet a lot of our building products today are still not really ʻhealty productsʼ. Low-VOC building materials, or things like E0 MDF, become more and more available, but some of them are still not the norm in Australia, and to go the extra step from Low-VOC to No- VOC is even harder…

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  • richmond_hill_waltham_st_v01_facade_final

    Finalist in the Melbourne Design Awards 2012!

    This project is a great example for one of our more commercial projects. As a higher density inner-urban infill development, it adds substantial value to the land.
    Designing 12 luxurious town houses, we set out to prove that a backyard development can be both exciting and of substantial revenue …

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  • 11_Heritage_House_Streetview_FINAL_v2

    While the original front boasts beautiful heritage features with ‘traditional’ rooms, it’s the back of the house with its new north-facing extension and garden area that totally transform this property into a new family residence for a contemporary and luxurious inner-city lifestyle.

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  • Reactive_Digital_Agency_Meeting_by_MDS

    Winner of the 2013 BDAV Interior Design Award & Commercial Architecture Award !

    This fitout design for the headquarters of an international design agency, offsets the minimalist rawness of its warehouse style with the inserted ‘feel-good’ spaces. The archi-tecture reflects the brand, and strikes a perfect balance ‘Funky Fitzroy’ and ‘Corporate Cool’ …

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